Dating Lesson #5 – Catch Me If You Can…Part 3

Welcome to the final instalment of Catch Me If You Can!

I do apologise for not posting this sooner however I’ve been on holiday and haven’t been able to post.

So Previously…

I finally was asked out by Frank, only to be pretty much stood up at the last minute before he went back offshore. After confronting him about if I was wasting my time, him dodging the question and a week of not replying, I eventually received a “best you meet other folk, it’s been short and sweet” message.

Well for one it wasn’t short! I’d never invested such a long amount of time in someone never to even meet them; 7 weeks to be exact! Not short in terms of getting a first date, wouldn’t you agree?

Second, is wasn’t sweet. It was fun, but also downright frustrating at times.

A week or so passed after I got that message and my main mission was to not text him, as I had been instructed to do by pretty much everyone. But I wasn’t prepared for the rejection that comes with dating. I can’t explain why I liked Frank after how much he’d messed me around, but I just did. I hadn’t had such a good flow of conversation, such a strong feeling that if we met we’d get on well. It was one of those things were you just have a feeling about someone, and I wasn’t ready to let go of that.

At the same time I didn’t want to degrade myself any further. I’d chased him when it should have been the other way around, I’d been told time and time again by people he was just playing me, but I had it in my head if I just met him it would be different.

I thought about him A LOT. I text other people so I didn’t text him. I did my upmost not to message and I came so close, but I couldn’t bear not knowing. That “what if we had met?” kept creeping into my mind and eventually led to my undoing. I didn’t really feel I had anything to lose by messaging, so it just happened. I was sick of the games and rules of dating, I just wanted to let him know how I felt.

So, against everyone’s suggestions, I did what I shouldn’t have done…

Me: ” Hey Frank, so I know you basically told me to shove off and if you’re not interested that’s fine, but I’m not into playing games so I wanted to put my cards on the table. I’m a great catch (me trying to be confident), so it’s a downright shame we never met because we seem pretty compatible. I also wanted to say thank you, because you’ve shown me I can actually find someone attractive and like them; I wondered if that would ever happen again. Basically, I really liked you. If nothing comes of this then I wish you all the best. x”

To my surprise I got a reply. The jist was that I didn’t make him feel good when I suggested I was wasting my time, and that he liked the idea of me, but couldn’t tell if he liked me unless we met. Errr that’s what I was trying to do the WHOLE TIME! Just meet him! He suggested we meet when he’s back which by this point was less than a week away, so I agreed.

There was general chit chat during the few days before he was back, and I was pleasantly surprised when he asked me out for a drink and the arcade (as we’d previously planned) the day after he got back!

This time it all went to plan. We met when we agreed, he didn’t back out, and I’ve got to be honest all the effort it took was well worth it; best time I’ve had with someone so far! I thought we would have a brief chat then get down to whipping his butt at the games but we were talking non stop for nearly 2 hours! We laughed, joked and even though Frank won at nearly everything (I let him win on a few though; I wish!) I had a really good time. And my goodness me did he have a nice physique too!

He had walked a good 30-40 minutes to get to the meeting point so I offered him a lift home. When we got to his house he invited me in…purely innocent I can assure you! He showed me how he’d renovated the place, we discussed things he’d bought, and generally chatted some more. I decided now was a good time to leave; while it was going well to hopefully entice him into another date. We said our goodbyes at the door, I said how I’d had a good time, there was a peck on the cheek, a hug and that was it.

Oh how I wish I’d kissed him properly though. Why I hear you ask?

Because I never heard a single peep from him again.

No idea why, when it was the best date I’ve had but maybe he just wasn’t into me. Whatever the reason at least I met him and got it out of my system, but it’ll take a while for it to stop bothering me.

So there we go, catch me if you can is still on the run, be cautious ladies because I was too naive, and I, nay we, are worth better than what this guy provided. I just need to actually remember that next time round!

Hope you have enjoyed this three-parter, if there are any comments would love to read them below.

Thanks, and there’s plenty more still to come!

Until the next time,

CountryGirl x



  1. sundayfluke · December 6, 2015

    This happened to me too, went on I thought was the perfect date – but turned out to be just friends meeting, not even friends because I never heard a peep from him since either!!!! Why does this kind of stuff happen to good people lol


  2. 30's Dater · December 12, 2015

    Sounds like an ex re-appeared sometime during your initial messaging when he first went silent or he was on the rebound hard and wasn’t over an ex. From this post it almost sounds like he met up with you out of respect due to the time and energy you had invested, and your persistence. The golden rule of online dating is to meet as soon as possible, the phone is to set dates only – not to share your life story before even meeting when things like this are bound to happen the majority of the time. Also, all the texting and calling before meeting does is form the person into some mythical being in your mind, and they NEVER meet that standard in person – been through it multiple times – now I do not text at all, its to set up the date and say “I am here” at the meeting spot.


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