Dating Lesson #5 – Catch Me If You Can…Part 2

Part 2/3

Evening all,

So just to recap from part 1, Frank had come home for 3 weeks and not asked me out. He’d gone dark for a few days, then an entire week and I had messaged him saying the following in a bid to know if he was interested one way or the other:

” Hey, so this is fun but I’m not looking for a texting buddy. We should meet up. I’m not free this week but I’m free after Sunday and next week”.

And shock, horror…He went dark AGAIN! For another entire week! I stuck to my guns and didn’t message him any more after that one text, clinging onto the hope he would reply. I could see he’d been on the messaging app we were using, but as each day went by with no message in sight, my hope was dwindling.

I hadn’t felt that low since I’d started online dating. Here was this attractive, funny, interesting guy who fitted the vast majority of my dating-guy-wishlist, and he seemed to be interested otherwise why send the funny videos? Yet he was the worst at showing me if he was actually interested or not. That week I moped, I ate so much bad food it was probably the equivalent of a medium sized mammal, and I generally felt like I was never going to find anyone ever again (melodramatic I know but sometimes you just get moments like that!).

Then one relatively mediocre Thursday at work, on the first day since Frank had gone dark for a third time, I actually began to feel a bit better. I was quite happily sat eating my lunch chatting away telling myself I didn’t need a man a realising I was happy being single, which I was. I was scrolling through the net, when I got a message… from Frank. I literally dropped my phone in shock!

Naturally I thought I’d play it cool, so I read it immediately and came across this…

“Soooo…sorry I’ve been so bad at this but I would like to meet with you before I go back…are you free this evening x?”


My natural response was “YES! YES I AM!”, however I knew I had to try and play a little hard-to-get (I’m not very good at “the games” by the way, my hard to get is probably handing myself to them on a platter)…problem was he had only left me 3 days in which to try and be hard-to-get; he was going back offshore that Monday! So I ended up with this:

Me: “I’d love to however I’m not available tonight. I can do tomorrow evening or Sunday afternoon though.”

“Nice one!” I thought to myself.

Another whole day passed and eventually we agreed to meet the Sunday night before his return to work. We chose to go for a drink and play some arcade games which provided some cheeky banter about who would ultimately win (well it’s going to be me…obviously!)

Sunday came and that morning I messaged to make sure everything was ok.

Frank: “All still good, although I have had an email from work. That sometimes means they need me back earlier…If I get a phone call I won’t have a choice…”

It gets to 3pm and we’re meeting at 7…

Me: “Any news?”

Frank: “Nope nothing, it’s looking good!”

So I get ready for the date, dress myself up, make myself feel as attractive as I can whilst still suitably clothed in order to beat his ass at Time Crisis, and it gets to 6:30-ish.

Frank: “I’ve just got back, all ready to go 🙂 what time shall I meet you? x”

Well Frank we’d already decided that but never mind…*starts to type the time we’re meeting to him*

Frank: “Oh crap…I’ve had a missed call from work.”

Ten long minutes pass before I get another message. I’m stood by the door, suited and booted ready to go on this date with a guy I’ve been in contact with for 6 weeks now, the most excited I’ve been since going on my epic ride down the online dating river…

“They want me to get in a taxi and travel up to Scotland right now. 10 hours in a taxi. I’m sorry I’ve ruined your evening”

Only one word comes to mind when I think of that moment. Gutted. Absolutely gutted. Yet I didn’t blame him! I should have, but I didn’t. I replied letting him know my disappointment, but also trying to keep it light hearted. After all, if work had told him he had to go there wasn’t anything he could do right?

Me: “Well I’m not going to say I’m not disappointed, because I am. But these things happen and if you’ve got to work you’ve got to work. So how are you going to make it up to me? ;-)”

I brushed the feeling off best I could, was understanding despite basically being stood up, and suggested we arrange plans before he comes home next time so it’s not so rushed, which he whole-heartedly agreed with.

So I go to work on Monday after having told most of my friends there I was going on this “date”, only to have to explain that I was left in the lurch and it didn’t happen. Needless to say, all my sane, logical, not emotionally involved friends told me how it was.

“He’s completely messing you around…Why are you letting this guy walk all over you?…Wait, so he wasn’t even that sorry!?”…You are just wasting your time, don’t even bother to message him…You are worth more than that.”

Do you know what? They were absolutely right. But did I listen? Nope. Should I have? Course I should have! But I liked this guy so much. I had spent 6 weeks getting to know him, and I had come so close to actually getting to meet him face to face, I felt like I needed to at least meet him in person.

But I also knew that I was being messed about, and that I needed to do something to let this guy know I needed to know once and for all if he was interested, because I still wasn’t even sure! Oh, and he didn’t even end up going back to work…I got a message at 11:30pm that sunday evening saying he’d been called and told to turn round and go back home again as the other guy had decided to stay after all. I mean really!? REALLY!?

So, I decided to tackle it head on.

Me: “Am I just wasting my time here Frank?”

I shouldn’t have been surprised at this point, but it took an entire day for him to reply.

Frank: “Sorry for the late reply, I wasn’t quite sure how to answer your last message…I watched this amazing film last night”…BLAH BLAH BLAH


Me: “You still didn’t answer my question. I don’t want to waste another 3 weeks investing in you if nothing is going to come of it again”

Two days later…

“Ok countrygirl (insert my actual name here), best you meet other folk. It’s been short and sweet x”

My friends insisted I didn’t reply, and I didn’t.

That was the last I heard from him, or so I thought…


Stay tuned for the final instalment!

Thanks for reading, please feel free to leave a comment below, would love to hear from you x

Until the next time,

Countrygirl x


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